Interesting rejection of a FOI request

July 13, 2010

The whole of government accounts (WGA) has been running every year, for 10 years, and during this time the public have seen exactly zero results from the exercise.

The WGA gives a very detailed picture of the financial health of every government funded body — so clearly would be really useful to where does my money go.

I was told by the small team at the Communities and Local Government that the WGA 2008/09 is sitting in the Treasury. I was also told that two departments failed the WGA audit (the department of health and the ministry of defense), which led to none of it being published.

So I asked for that report (minus the results for the two departments that failed the audit) in this Freedom of Information Request.

The rejection I got was unlike anything else I have received.

They have the information I requested, but the response went to on say:

“Ministers and officials need space in which to develop policy, including space for the development of policy through an interative process of testing and refining ideas. This process could be weakened if information was released prematurely or when proposals where not finalised, as this could lead to poorer decision-making”.

Any suggestions for how to proceed are most welcome.

I should also add that the WGA is stored in COINS, but none of the WGA was included in the COINS publication.


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