The New Leaders and COINS

May 17, 2010

It’s exciting times right now for people interested in where our tax money is used. The new leaders of the country have proposed to make the allocation of our tax money clearer than ever before. For example, I’ve been reading this speech George Osborne gave to the Institute of Chartered Accountants at the start of 2009. In it he states:

And so as a step towards spending transparency in our central government departments, we will publish shortly after coming to office the Treasury’s COINS database that reports several thousand programme spending items in a consistent format across departments.

For the first time, we will throw open the government’s books and shed light on wasteful spending.

For the first time, anyone will be able to find out how and where their taxes are being spent – and use this information to hold the next government – and every successive government – to account.

So come on then, publish it!


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